“Roo Panes”

O. K.  Okay, okay. Y’all. This guy. I’m currently obsessed with him (thank you Lizzy).

This man is such an interesting musician, and makes such interesting music. His name is Roo Panes (I think that’s his real name?) and he writes the most beautiful lyrics about different struggles, joys, phases of life, etc. and he only uses real instruments. And he isn’t bound by genre in the instruments he uses — in one song you’ll hear the harp, violins, guitars, upright bass, drums, etc., and of course, his captivating voice.

Links to some of my favorites/his artist page (you’re welcome):

Roo Panes Spotify

One of my favorites of his, “Land of the Living”

“A Message to Myself”

“My Sweet Refuge”


Seriously, he does not have a single song that I don’t like. He’s incredibly dynamic, and writes interesting, beautiful, heart-tugging songs.


*cover image owned by and pulled from http://www.roopanes.co.uk.

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